CryptoCats Reborn

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Welcome to CryptoCats listing. A list of the CryptoCats Reborn available to sell, directly through the NFT contract.

This interface is provided as is, to interact with the contracts previously deployed by

The contract 0x19c320b43744254ebdBcb1F1BD0e2a3dc08E01dc is a previous version of the CryptoCats you all know, deployed 3 seconds before the official one,by the same address from the original developers

As we love hidden treasures, we decided to provide a way to facilitate the exchange of these cute cats

Auctions are here ! Bidding system is similar to Cryptopunks. Read more

The bid/offer function has been added to the website !

You can offer a bid on any of the 625 cats !

For now, bidding is limited to 0X19 contract as we need to make sure no one can bid on the first 200 cats of 0X95 contract (which are in old/lost wallets) and that the differences between both contracts don't cause any issues. (0X95 coming ASAP!)

Bidding system is similar to Cryptopunks or Mooncats, your money will be held in ETH until the bid ends or is accepted.

Just like with a regular sale, you'll be able to withdraw the ETH once you accepted a bid with a secondary withdraw button exclusively for bid.

If someone overbids you you'll be able to withdraw your bid back with the same button.

Transactions have been tested thoroughly and confirmed working, and any minor issues will be resolved later.

The auction contract can be found here : 0x952224e9cba38b9f330fceba40a7afd88cb87df4

We also included a transaction fee of 5% on any sales (not on bids only confirmed sales) to pay back for the 3 contracts we have deployed so far and future maintenance of the project. Those fees are not fixed and can be reduced later on.


Cat # Cat Price Best bid Last Price Availability Auction Buy

As you interact directly with the contract created by, we don't charge any fees on the tx

We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the official CryptoCats developers, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.

The contract and artworks belong to

But they are not recognized by them as 'official contracts' please read their statement here

For any inquiry please use this contact

If you feel generous, and appreciate the work provided here : 0xa6aFB494cCd3978b52dB213646f5901AE1931652